East African Sand Boas Care Guide (aka Kenyan) (English Edition)


Complete Care Guide for East African Sand Boas aka Kenyan Sand Boas.

This book is a great resource for proper setup and care of your east African sand boa also known as Kenyan sand boas and Egyptian sand boas. The internet is full of confusing, competing and often deadly care advice for east African sand boas. Using our years of experience in both raising sand boas and successfully advising our customers on proper care of their sand boas, we have written a simple, easy to follow and extensive care guide good for the beginner to the expert.

This book covers all the following major care areas of a sand boa including examples, tips and expert advice:

  • Physical Characteristics
  • Sexing
  • Housing and Caging
  • Substrate
  • Water
  • Humidity
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Feeding
  • Proper Handling

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